Colour Print Thinking ? L?on de Caluw? and Hans Vermaak


The word' change' is a catch-all term. There is world of difference between strategies, approaches or ways of dealing with changes. This requires clarity. Léon de Caluwé and Hans Vermaak's colour print thinking distinguishes five ways of thinking which differ considerably in the assumptions that one has about why and how people change. Each way of thinking has been given a colour label.

Things/people will change if you

Yellow print:
  • can bring interests together
  • can force them to adopt (particular) views
  • can create win-win situations, can show the benefits of certain views can ensure focus
Blue print:
  • formulate a clear result in advance
  • produce a good step plan from A to B
  • carefully monitor the steps and correct on the basis of this
  • keep everything as stable and controlled as possible
  • reduce complexity as much as possible
Red print:
  • stimulate people in the correct way
  • make it pleasant for people
  • use advanced HRM tools
  • give people something in return for what they give you
Green print:
  • make them aware of a new perspective
  • can motivate them to see new things
White print:
  • work from the desire and wishes of the person themselves
  • allow room for people's own energy
  • want to see dynamism and complexity, and can identify it
  • remove any obstacles
  • use symbols and rituals
Link with Quinn

Transferring the colours to the Quinn model creates the basis for our model. The colour white is then effectively a level higher in the model.

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