The Quinn Association has been registered as an association with the Chamber of Commerce since May 2005.

The executive board consists of:
Frans van Rooij chairman and treasurer
Sjoerd Slaa secretary

The office address of the Quinn Association is: Bieslook 13, 5491 KE Sint – Oedenrode.
The office is managed by Pepijn van Rooij.
The accounts are monitored and audited by Willem Cijfers & Advies.

The constitution contains:

           Name and seat of association
    Aim of the association
    Information concerning the association's financial year
    Termination of membership
    Options with regard to donations
    The association's funds
    Composition of the board
    Responsibilities and powers of the board
    Rules relating to general meetings of members
    Amendment of the constitution
    Dissolution and liquidation of the association

We hold four meetings a year with our members. At these meetings we share practical experiences. A report of each meeting is produced for those present. They also receive the presentations by email.
The board always meets prior to the meetings of members.
The members receive a monthly newsletter via email.